Improve your self-service experience

Create and evolve self-service applications that fits seamlessly into your websites, web applications, partner sites and intranet. Your customers and team can access relevant, timely, dynamic knowledge every step of the way.


Create beautiful self-service applications

ServiceTarget allows business users to design self-service applications without a developer. Your customers never have to leave your site to get the help they need.

  • flexible styling and configuration

  • journey builder

  • javascript-based deployment


Make it easy for customers and teams to educate themselves and resolve questions and issues

Allow customers to search and recursively explore the knowledge base as well as complete relevant forms and self-service processes.

  • guided search and navigation

  • predictive search

  • dynamic filtering

  • dynamic guides

  • rich media content

  • file attachments and downloads


Personalize self-help based on customer segment, user type, language, and locale

Self-help can be tailored to different types of customers, partners, and frontline agents.

  • customer segmentation

  • access levels

  • language detection

  • internal sections

  • single sign-on

  • javascript API


Make self-service available within existing websites and applications

Quickly deploy into existing websites and web applications using a few lines of JavaScript.

  • contextual help

  • dynamic filtering

  • javascript API

  • ServiceTarget SDK


Bring your knowledgebase to life


Subject Matter Experts across your organization see what your customers and partners see but have many extra powers. With real-time guide analytics, customer feedback and questions, your teams can collaborate, keeping knowledge accurate, relevant and timely.


Establish a single knowledge foundation for all of your brands and products

Create and publish helpful information (FAQs, how-tos, tutorials, best practices, videos, etc.) to help customers looking to make purchase decisions, set up, install, use and troubleshoot your products and services. 

  • journey builder

  • authoring workflows

  • history log

  • self-service analytics and reporting


Allow subject matter experts to easily collaborate on knowledge

Your agents, SME's, and leadership can create and edit your support guides with a few clicks, making teamwork easier than ever. Team members can create and modify guides using text, photos, videos, attachments, and more based on behavioral analytics and customer feedback.

  • inline editing

  • rich text editor

  • guide level analytics

  • customer feedback

  • customer questions


Model knowledge around your audience and their needs

ServiceTarget allows you to define different audiences for your products and services and to align their journey with specific, relevant, tailored information and escalation options. You decide what customers, service agents, and other audiences can access. 

  • access levels

  • internal sections

  • alerts

  • helpful links


Support multiple brands and thousands of products and services

Create  support options for multiple brands and define complex product and service hierarchies to help your customers and other audiences navigate support easily.

  • multiple sites 

  • multiple brands 

  • product hierarchies


Localize self-help in any region or language

Auto-translate or empower your local teams to take ownership of language translations and create and manage knowledge content unique to their region or service. Region-specific escalations means you choose how customers contact your agents based on time, location,  language or channels you have available in the area. 

  • language management

  • automated translation

  • language & region detection


Activity history and compliance

Review activity streams to see who changed what, when, and how the organization is responding to customer feedback and compliance processes.


Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction

With every self-service interaction, understand why your customers and teams are abandoning self-service and escalating to you. Use real customer questions, feedback and behavioral data to improve your self-service experience and products


Gather customer and frontline feedback

See questions, issues and feedback related to self-help, including specific recommendations for improvement.


See customer questions

Your team can see what topics need the most support, and customize guides to address frequent customer questions.


Monitor search behaviors

You’ll know exactly which terms your customers are using to find information on your site. You can make sure your guides align with customer needs and better understand how your customers are engaging with your products.


Understand where your customers and frontline agents abandon self-service

You can see, in real time, exactly when customers change course. Your team can use that information to enhance your self-service experiences to better serve customers.

Measure and evolve based on use

See the financial impacts of self-service on your business each week, month, quarter, and beyond,  and find the opportunities to further reduce contacts and increase customer satisfaction.


Reduce wait times and serve customers more efficiently

Customers will resolve many recurring questions and complete common transactions via self-service. Seamlessly transition them to assisted service when they need enhanced support.


Help customers self-serve before escalating to customer care

Implement self-service on your website, web apps, mobile apps and anywhere else customer questions and issues originate. ServiceTarget guides your customers through self-service and escalates to customer care only if your customers cannot resolve their issue via self-service.


Provide dynamic contact options

Present contact options for customers based on where they are, what product they use, and what kind of issue they are experiencing, as well as current wait times in your contact center. Collect data specific to the problem and connect the customer to the agent who can best assist them. 

  • intelligent escalations

  • dynamic data collection

  • contact routing

  • agent availability detection

  • wait times detection


Provide data about self-service interactions to your front line teams

Make information about self-service interactions available to your contact center so they can assist customers more quickly. Your team will know the path the customer took to get to them, including entry point into self-service, customer selections and searches, and guides viewed, meaning more specific, personalized service.

  • intelligent escalations

  • dynamic data collection


Understand your preventable contacts

Identify recurring and preventable support contacts and address them in a more scalable way through self-service.


Develop prevention strategies based on real data

Design customer journeys to guide your customer through self-service to resolve common questions and perform common transactions online.

  • real time reporting

  • problem areas