ServiceTarget empowers your busy customers to resolve issues online, increasing satisfaction and customer success



Customers who can successfully self-serve use more, cost less and recommend your products more frequently


Improve your customer self-service experience

  • Make customers more self-sufficient and successful with your products

  • Reduce customer effort to learn and resolve questions and issues

  • Guide customers through complex problems and processes

  • Make it easy to get assisted service when needed

Help centers | Contextual help |Troubleshooting | Guided contact flows | Mobile help

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Bring your knowledgebase to life

  • Establish a self-learning knowledgebase

  • Empower teams to contribute to customer success

  • Support multiple brands, customer segments, and products

  • Globalize and localize self-service with just a few clicks

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Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Identify frequent and recurring product and process problems

  • Get customer feedback on what needs improvement

  • Proactively address customer needs and knowledge gaps

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Reduce customer service contacts and wait times

  • Guide customers to resolve more issues online

  • Escalate to customer care as an exception

  • Evolve self-service based on inbound customer service contacts

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Key benefits

Companies that use ServiceTarget see 10-15% improvements in customer satisfaction and 15-20% reductions in customer service costs