Meet and Exceed Your Service Target



Expert guidance to help you succeed in driving self-service and reducing unnecessary customer service contacts.

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We bring easy-to-use software and years of expertise, helping you create self-service programs that get results.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients design and execute self-service programs which make it easier for customers to resolve their questions and issues online and reduce customer service costs.


Contact strategy

Our business analysts will review your email, chat and phone contacts and will work with you to design a contact strategy.


We will design a self-help solution around your unique business and customer service goals and implement your help center and contextual help through your website or application. We will also help implement your personalization and globalization strategies.


Our dedicated client success team will work with you to evolve your online help based on your inbound customer service contacts. During our monthly and quarterly business reviews, we will share best practices and provide clear recommendations for continued growth and optimization.

User on-boarding

Learn how to get the most out of ServiceTarget through webinars, live training events and personalized training tailored to your needs. Our team of experts will teach you how to design, implement and evolve self-service applications to achieve the best possible results.


If there are ways to improve your customer experience & reduce unnecessary contacts, we will find them.